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Catholic Icing
One of my favorite projects was drawing the ABC Saints for Catholic Icing.  You can see this product by clicking here.
I drew these in black and white.  Lacy from Catholic Icing hand watercolored these. They turned out so cute.  I just love them.
"The ABC Saints I got from Kristen were so cute, and my readers absolutely adored them! I sell them as a download, and they were hugely successful! I sold hundreds of them on the first day they were posted. I will be emailing you about future projects! "

The printable Advent Saints Ornaments were a lot of fun as well.  I designed and drew each of these 3-D ornaments.  They are printed on one sheet of paper (one sided), cut out and assembled.  (Lacy at Catholic Icing colored them herself using watercolors.)  You can find this product here.

 Celebrating Holidays
I illustrated for a 20 day study on the Nativity for  This project included individual drawings for 20 people/items/animals in the nativity scene, both in black and white and in color, as well as a picture with all the elements combined.  The illustrations were used to make a paper nativity set for your fridge or craft project.  I also blew up the same drawings to make coloring pages of each. You can find this product here. 
"I could not be more pleased with Kristen’s work. She is so creative and was able to quickly bring to life what I had envisioned in my mind (amazing!). Kristen is truly a gifted artist, and every time I look at her work, I notice another detail that shows the care with which she illustrates! -Angie" 

Below are a few examples:

I also made some super cute Halloween pumpkin carving coloring pages for Celebrating Holidays.  They are free and can be found here.

Catholic Schoolhouse
Wow, I do a ton of work for Catholic Schoolhouse.  This is really where it all began for me. All the clip art in the Clip Art Section is for Catholic Schoolhouse.  In addition to that, I illustrate anything else that is needed for either the Art books, science books, or blog printables. Here are a few other totally random things I've illustrated for Catholic Schoolhouse.
Southeastern US in color

A neuron
A brain hat for the science book

There are other sites I've done work for, but you get the idea.  I've drawn anywhere from flat coloring pages to 3-D brain hats.  I welcome a challenge.

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