Drawn Just 4 U

If you would like something illustrated, I would love to work with you.
I love drawing, but more than drawing I love seeing others find joy in the things I’ve drawn.  If you have a project for your company, website, or just want something unique for your 3 year-old to color so he’ll leave you alone for just 5 minutes, then you’ve come to the right place.  Email me at drawn2bcreative@gmail.com with your project needs and we will work out the details.

Maybe you need:

  • Coloring pages 
    • for a specific holiday or religious event
    • celebrating a milestone in your church
    • for your blog 
    • a special coloring page of your child with their own name on it 
  • A 'Can You Find' style picture with hidden objects for kids to find or color
  • A Company header or logo
  • Clip art
  • Illustrations for a book or novel
  • Illustrations for a website


(Depending on your specific needs these are flexible)

Concept sketch in pencil- $5
Single Character in black ink- $10

Multiple Characters- add $2 per person
Detailed/Intricate drawings - depends on how detailed $15-50
Colored in digitally starts at $5

These prices are just a starting point for discussion.  Everyone's needs are different and every project is different.  I am happy to discuss any project and work with you on pricing.
I have been known to trade illustrating services for products on your blog and change prices in exchange for affiliate links or promo codes I can offer my readers.

Download and fill out this Request for Quote form. Email it to me at drawn2bcreative@gmail.com to get started!

I accept Paypal (and chocolate chip cookies).

What will it look like?

My drawings are hand-drawn, not computer drawn.  Make sure this is what you want.   If you want something drawn it will look something like this:
I can color pictures in using the computer as well.  I'm planning to offer watercolored pictures and/or prisma marker colored pictures in the future, but for now if you want a drawing colored in you’ll get something like the 'stained glass' title at the top of this webpage or like this for something simpler:
DNA for Catholic Schoolhouse Year 1 Science book
More examples are in the Portfolio page. 



  1. In a world of computer generation its nice to see something a little more "authentic" This is great! thanks!

  2. I just ordered a coloring page of Our Lady of Walsingham from Kristen. She was really lovely to correspond with and she drew the image really quickly. I love the picture - and I am sure my kids will love coloring it.
    I will definitely order more images in the future from you Kristen and I totally recommend you and your work to anyone thinking of commissioning you. God Bless, Kara