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I believe children love coloring and should have the opportunity to color pictures that enrich their faith and lives.  If your little ones are going to color, why give them kitties, puppies, or even mainstream cartoon characters to color, when they could be coloring pictures of holy women and men?  Not only will they be entertained by coloring, but it gives you a place to start conversations about your faith, saints, and praying.  You are here because you recognize I'm providing something different.

I’m Kristen Rabideau, wife and a mother to 2 little ones.  I used to work full time, but after I had my second child, I changed gears and I am now an author and illustrator. 

I have a passion for drawing, especially when it brings a smile to my daughter's face. I started drawing cartoons as a kid in class, when I probably should've been paying attention and taking notes.  Even in college, I made class bearable by drawing silly cartoons of my professors:

Now, I continually meet the needs of Catholic Schoolhouse books , the Catholic Schoolhouse blog, and the occasional project for Catholic Icing.  I've drawn several coloring pages for people with specific needs, as well as for other blogs and websites.  If you like my style of drawing, and are interested in something hand-drawn for your own website/business/coloring page for 3 year old etc, then please email me at drawn2bcreative@gmail.com.  I’d love to work with you!

"Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you." -James 4:8

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