Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Joseph the Dreamer - Color Through the Bible Series

I love illustrating various feast days and saints, but I am also excited to be creating coloring pages to illustrate bible stories.  I'm happy to introduce my the next set of coloring pages in my Color Through the Bible series, "Joseph the Dreamer."

Each coloring page has a unique boarder and picture that tell the story of Joseph.  The pictures show Joseph's dream, Joseph thrown into a pit by his brothers, Joseph's brothers bring the coat to Jacob, Joseph prospering in Egypt, and Joseph in prison. 

 This downloadable is 15 pages long.  Included in this pack are the five coloring pages with scripture, five coloring pages without scripture, and five sheets of handwriting practice of the same scripture lines, so your little ones can practice their letter writing. The handwriting pages are on handwriting lines and all the letters are dotted for easy tracing and reading. 

All biblical scripture is taken from the Revised Standard Version.  

These coloring pages are not your dollar store coloring pages that take 5 seconds to color.  They have lots of detail to keep your child entertained.  Below is the first page, as colored by my 4yr old (and decorated with stickers).

(The dinosaur and orange man are not part of the coloring page- lol!) 

I also really like the picture of Joseph prospering in Egypt.  I added some Egyptian false gods in the background on the columns, and I wrote a secret message in Hieroglyphics in the boarder! Use this decoder to read the message I wrote in the boarder.

 But wait... you might be thinking Joseph in prison is not the end of Joseph's story. And you're right, his story will continue in the next set of coloring pages!  His story makes for such wonderful pictures, I couldn't bear to leave any out just to make his whole life fit into 5 pages. Check back in a few weeks to get the second part of Joseph's life.

These five coloring pages would be perfect for a wide range of CCD classes, religious education at home, or just for fun.  There's one for each school day of the week if you choose to do them at home!

You can purchase all 15pages in a downloadable for $1 using the buttons below. You will get an email with a link to the coloring pages in pdf format.  Your link will expire after you've accessed the file 5 times, so please save it to your on computer if you want to use them over and over again!

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