Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Free Saint Barbara Mini Book

My daughter and I love minibooks.  I hope to make more coloring pages soon, but most recently I made a minibook for Saint Barbara.  Do you know who Saint Barbara is?  I had never heard of her until I read The Advent Christmas Planner on Catholic Icing.  I even printed most of it out and put it in sheet protectors.

Then I had the pleasure of working with Lacy to create printable 3D ornaments for each of the Saints she discusses in the Advent Planner.  I just love how the Saint Barbara Ornament came out (especially after Lacy watercolored it)! There are 11 more cute saint ornaments in the downloadable.  Saint Barbara was one of my favorites!

 As I often do with saints, I fell in love with her story, and was inspired to find out more about her.  I wanted to figure out a good way to teach my daughter about her.  For my 4 year old, I typically focus on one virtue of a saint to point out and encourage her to exhibit.  Saint Barbara's faith was steadfast, even in the face of death.

This minbook tells the story of Saint Barbara being locked in a tower.  After hearing of her conversion to Christianity, her father orders her death.  As she awaits her execution, legend says, she watered a branch with a little of her drinking water everyday, and it bloomed within days of her execution.  The blossom gave her hope even as she faced death for her faith in Christ.
Another story I learned about Saint Barbara, was about her new bathhouse.  Her father ordered a new bathhouse to be built for her with only 2 windows.  He left town on business, and while he was gone, Saint Barbara changed the plans and had 3 windows built into the bathhouse to represent the Trinity.  Her father was NOT pleased when he returned, and this was the last straw.  He turned her in to the authorities, and her death was planned as punishment for her crime of being Christian.
There are not many crafts or activities out there for children to learn about Saint Barbara other than the Catholic Icing Advent ornaments, so I made a mini coloring book about her with a little poem. Print this minibook and have fun coloring and discussing Saint Barbara.
Here is a picture of a page 4 yr old, Eva colored.

For instructions on how to fold please see the video in the Rose Duchesne Minibook post.

While my daughter colored the pages, we discussed how Christianity is not always accepted by the people around you.  We are so blessed to live where we can freely pray and worship God.  I hope this minibook and the Catholic Icing Advent Saints help your family learn more about virtuous saints, grow your faith and deepen your relationship with Our Father. I pray that God Blesses you abundantly during this Advent Season!


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