Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Celebrating the Epiphany

The Christmas rush might be over, but Christmas is still here! I just love this season, and I love that we celebrate it all the way through the Epiphany.  The Epiphany is not too far away; it's next Tuesday, January 6th!  It is also known as the feast of the 3 Kings.  A little background (hopefully not too boring), it commemorates the manifestations of our Lord to the gentiles (the 3 kings), of his divinity made at his baptism in Jordan, and of his power shown in the miracle at the wedding in Cana.

Teach your kids about the Epiphany and celebrate this wonderful feast day using these three (Free!) coloring pages.

The first is the three kings following the star on their camels.  I know the Epiphany celebrates them actually meeting Jesus, but there are plenty of Nativity coloring pages out there that include the 3 kings.  Here's one that focuses on the three kings for a change.

Here's a coloring page to celebrate the Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River:

And last (but not least), the miracle at the Wedding at Cana:

All of these coloring pages have the title in bubble letters so your kids can color them in too! I hope you enjoy them!
Wait I'm not done yet!  I love illustrating, but I also love reading to my daughter (almost as much as she loves being read to).  So I also have a great book recommendation for this feast day.  One of my favorite books during this time of the year is The Last Straw, by Fredrick H. Thurry.  

It is the story about the journey of the 3 Kings on their way to meet baby Jesus, as told by a camel.  The story is both fun and interesting (and funny to adults), and the illustrations are wonderful.  I can't help but read this story with my dad's voice in my head as the camel- you'll understand when you read it- he has quite the personality.  It is truly a charming story of Jesus' birth that is fun but doesn't lose the respect and reverence this topic deserves.
It is $7.95 on Amazon, although I'm pretty sure I paid more for it at a book store when I got my copy.

Your kids can color in the picture as you read the story!  I'll post some pictures of the pages my daughter colors on the facebook page next week.
I pray you all have a blessed Christmas season and a wonderful Epiphany!


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