Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Saint Rose Duchesne Mini Book

My Saint Jude Mini Book was so popular, I know you will love another Minibook about one of my favorite saints whose feast day is coming on November 18th, Rose Duchesne.

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I love perseverance and believe we have to teach our children to never give up no matter the obstacles.  Saint Rose Duchesne is a perfect role mode for the never-give-up kind of spirit I hope to instill in my children.  She moved to America and was called to help and provide for the Native Americans who live along the regions near the Mississippi River, specifically the Potowatomi (pot'-o-what'-o-me).  She was advanced in years, and had a very difficult time learning their native language. So instead of giving up, or turning her back on what God called her to do, she grew ever closer to Him through prayer for them.  One story depicts the native americans testing to see if she ever slept or just prayed all the time.  They placed pebbles on her habit at night and then checked in the morning- and they were still there. I used this story in the little poem I wrote for this Mini Book:

Hey! Have you heard about Rose Duchesne?
On a ship to America, she came.
She traveled up the Mississippi
And helped the Potowatomi.
Oh No! She couldn’t speak their way.
So, instead she started to pray.
Well, she prayed so much and so long,
they knew her love for God was strong.
Wow! On her knees all day,
and even through the night she’d stay.
They placed pebbles on her dress,
to see if at night she ever slept.
But, no! At dawn the pebbles were there,
Rose prayed all night, and didn’t go anywhere.
So, she got a nickname they say,
They called her “She who prays always.”

 You can check out the Saint Jude Mini Book Post for step by step pictures and instructions for folding mini-books OR watch this video of how to fold your Saint Rose Duchesne Mini Book!


 May God bless you with persistence in the face of all obstacles and may you rise up to all challenges in fervent prayer like Saint Rose!


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