Monday, November 24, 2014

Journey through the Nativity by Celebrating Holidays

 I'm so excited to share this fun project I worked on with Angie from Celebrating Holidays.
Angie has put together a 67 (yes! 67!) page downloadable on the elements in the Nativity Scene.  It has so much in it! The illustrations were done by me! 
 First she takes you through each  Nativity element (including people, items, animals, etc), 20 of them total.  Each page describes where that element in the Nativity scene originated, and includes biblical references.  It's written in a sort of question answer format.  What are heavenly hosts?  When did the wise men visit Jesus?  These and many more questions are answered with biblical text in the downloadable!
Next are 20 coloring pages, one per nativity element, for your preschoolers to color with hollow letters and scripture.  They are so cute!
Lastly, each element is presented both in black and white, and in color in a smaller size so that you can arrange your own nativity set.  Black and white versions are for your little ones (or not so little ones!) to color in themselves.  Then you can arrange and glue them onto a sheet of construction paper, OR you can do what I did and affix some magnets to them and arrange them on your fridge!

I picked up this pack of magnetic tape (only $3 at Hobby lobby, $1.75 with a coupon!):

I stuck a small amount to the top and bottom corners of the manger, and then to each person or item in the set, and now they are on my fridge.

My daughter loves making the camels and wise men travel across the bottom of the fridge to the manger.  I think it's pretty clever she arranged one of the wise men (man?) riding a camel. 

In the picture with everyone, he's shown kneeling.  I have to admit, he does fit well on top of a camel too.  Here's a peek at a part of the whole nativity scene (which is also included in the the downloadable).

So there you have it, 67 pages of Nativity.  The study pages (the 20 elements studied are: the Bible, Mary, Joseph, Bethlehem, Manger, Stable, Ox and donkey, Angel Gabriel, Heavenly Hosts, Shepherds,Sheep, Wise man 1, Wise man 2, Wise Man 3, Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh, the Star of Bethlehem, Camels, and of course, Jesus), coloring pages of each for your preschoolers, each element individually in black and white and color for arranging yourself on paper or your fridge.

My plan is to read one Nativity element's study per day (they're about 1 page each), while letting my little one play with them on the fridge, throughout Advent.  You can get your own copy of all of this in a downloadable at CelebratingHolidays for $4.95 using the link below!

Click here to view more details

Thanks and may God Bless you with a beautiful Advent and Merry Christmas!


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