Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Mini Rosary Books

I'm super excited to present this set of "My Mini Rosary Books!"  October is dedicated to the Holy Rosary.  Did you know you can take a regular sheet of paper, fold it a few times, make one cut, and turn it into a mini book with a cover and seven pages? No staples, glue, or complicated origami required. I used to make these all the time in elementary school (ages and ages ago), using markers and pencils to write my stories and illustrate them.  Well the good news for you is that I put my grade school knowledge to work and created a beautiful set of Mini Rosary Books.  The best part is that they're ready to print, fold and use for your family/friends/church Rosary time.
I have put together five mini books in this set; one  has the Rosary Prayers in it, and there is one book for each mystery: Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful, and Glorious.  Each mystery book has a unique frame on the front that could be lots of fun to color. The Rosary Prayer book has all the prayers you need (to read, pray or to just follow along): The Apostles Creed, Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, Fatima Prayer and the Hail Holy Queen. Each Mystery book has all five mysteries written out in them. The complete set comes with all five books in black and white AND all five books in beautiful watercolors.  All you need to do is print, crease, cut and fold.  Print the black and white versions for your children to have fun coloring. If they are too young or you want your own beautiful mini rosary books, print the color version.
I love that unfolded, you can still very clearly see that it is a rosary.
 Folded into a book, the first page focuses on the cross, and first five beads.

The following pages each narrow down the view to just one mystery and the 10 beads for saying Hail Marys' while meditating on that mystery.  The mysteries are depicted in a pretty little scroll.

Each book's rosary was painted in a different color scheme to keep it fun and interesting.

My daughter loves these.  She had a blast painting her own while I painted this set for you.  But these are perfect for your kids even outside of 'art' time.  Are you littlest kids restless during your evening family rosaries?  Are counting beads not quite enough stimulation?  Print these and have them color a bead for each prayer you say.  These could be a great tool for keeping their hands busy so they can focus their minds and hearts on praying. Another idea is to bring these to mass with you to keep those littlest ones busy (and quiet), while working on something still religious.  If you are like me, and freeze every time it's your turn to announce the mystery, keep a copy of these books (for the mystery you're on) in your pocket for quick reference.

I love these and I want everyone to try them out, so I'm offering the Joyful Mysteries Mini Rosary Book in black and white for FREE by clicking the link below.  Try it, and if your children (or you!) love it, come back and buy the whole set.
Free Joyful Mysteries Mini Rosary Book- Printable

Here are the instructions, in case you didn't make these in grade school:

Print your Mini Rosary Book (one sided on white paper- can it get any easier?!).
Fold paper in half the long skinny way, with the print on the outside. Crease well.

 Unfold, and refold in half the short, fat, way with the print on the outside. Crease well.

Unfold, and fold the outside edges inward (like a pamphlet or lapbook). Crease well.

 Unfold, and refold in half the short, fat way again.  Using scissors, cut along the crease in the middle, stopping when you meet the intersection of creases (see the picture below).  Open up at the cut, and fold into a book with the cover in front.


If the way I just showed you was confusing, check out this youtube video (its not exactly how I do it, but it'll get the same result):

Ok did you love it?  Ready for the whole set?  This downloadable contains five books, one for each mystery and one with all the prayers, in black and white AND in water colors (as the pictures above show).  Plus the document has the instructions in it, so you don't have to keep referring back to the blog (although once you've done it once, its pretty easy to remember how to make them.)  
This download is $4 but for the first week I'm having it on sale for just $2!  Remember you can save these to your computer and have your little ones color one every time you say the Rosary together. 

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Click the button to purchase via paypal.  You will get an email with a link to the document which is in pdf format.  Make sure you save it to your computer!  After you have used the link to access the document 5 times, your link will expire.
When you print these, make sure to click the button "actual size" under printing options.  Adobe is sometimes defaulted to shrink the page when printing; if you shrink them, the pages may not line up well once folded.

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  1. These look so fun! If I get a chance to cover the rosary with my CCD class this year, we'll definitely get these.