Monday, September 8, 2014

My first product

I've been drawing for other companies and people for a while now, but I'm happy, no more like ecstatic, to offer my own first product!

I'm starting a coloring page series called "Color Through the Bible."  I'm illustrating bible stories - coloring page style - and including the scripture text on the coloring sheets for children to read. Also included in the download are handwriting practice sheets, so your little learners can practice their handwriting on the scripture from these coloring pages.

The first in this series is now available: Adam and Eve.  This collection includes five coloring pages showing: Adam and Eve in paradise, Eve tempted by the serpent, Eve offering Adam the fruit from the tree of knowledge, Adam and Eve hiding from God, and Adam and Eve being cast out of Eden.

Here's a picture of the last coloring page, which I have already colored in (using coloring pencils). This might be my favorite one - I really like the angel and flaming sword.
 These coloring pages are not your dollar store coloring pages that take 5 seconds to color.  They have little details and lots of little spaces to color to keep your child entertained for a while.  Each one of them have kept my 3 year old entertained for about 45min to an hour (although she's not a super skilled color-er yet :) ). 

These can be used for religious-ed at school or at home,VBS, CCD, Sunday school, or just for fun.  There are 15 pages total: Five coloring pages with scripture text, five coloring pages without scripture text (the same five pictures), and five pages of handwriting practice of the scripture from the coloring pages. You can purchase all 15 pages in a downloadable using the buttons below for $1. You will get an email with a link to the coloring pages in pdf format.  Your link will expire after you've accessed the file 5 times, so please save it to your on computer if you want to use them over and over again!

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Do not re-publish, share, or use these pages for financial gain in any way. When you purchase them, you are purchasing them for your own use for your own children, class, or religious education program. Thank you for understanding. Printable coloring pages like these help me pay the bills!


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