Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I'm moving!

Hey friends!

Blogger/blogspot has served me well, but I am excited about the features and options I'll have on my own site!  So get ready to start visiting

I've already moved most of my work over there, and I'll finish up soon!  Any new posts, free coloring pages, links to other fun illustrations will be posted there.  I'll leave this site active for now, but will eventually close/redirect it to my new site.

New site, new logo, new header, and lots of fun coloring pages and printables to come in the new year!

If you are a subscriber, don't forget to subscribe to the new site!  I'm not transferring any emails over there.  Subscribers get to see new free coloring pages first, as well as take advantage of 'first posted sales' on any of my paid products. 

 If not for you, creating these resources would not be possible. Thank you for visiting, sharing, and helping me make this dream become a reality.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Joseph the Dreamer - Color Through the Bible Series

I love illustrating various feast days and saints, but I am also excited to be creating coloring pages to illustrate bible stories.  I'm happy to introduce my the next set of coloring pages in my Color Through the Bible series, "Joseph the Dreamer."

Each coloring page has a unique boarder and picture that tell the story of Joseph.  The pictures show Joseph's dream, Joseph thrown into a pit by his brothers, Joseph's brothers bring the coat to Jacob, Joseph prospering in Egypt, and Joseph in prison. 

 This downloadable is 15 pages long.  Included in this pack are the five coloring pages with scripture, five coloring pages without scripture, and five sheets of handwriting practice of the same scripture lines, so your little ones can practice their letter writing. The handwriting pages are on handwriting lines and all the letters are dotted for easy tracing and reading. 

All biblical scripture is taken from the Revised Standard Version.  

These coloring pages are not your dollar store coloring pages that take 5 seconds to color.  They have lots of detail to keep your child entertained.  Below is the first page, as colored by my 4yr old (and decorated with stickers).

(The dinosaur and orange man are not part of the coloring page- lol!) 

I also really like the picture of Joseph prospering in Egypt.  I added some Egyptian false gods in the background on the columns, and I wrote a secret message in Hieroglyphics in the boarder! Use this decoder to read the message I wrote in the boarder.

 But wait... you might be thinking Joseph in prison is not the end of Joseph's story. And you're right, his story will continue in the next set of coloring pages!  His story makes for such wonderful pictures, I couldn't bear to leave any out just to make his whole life fit into 5 pages. Check back in a few weeks to get the second part of Joseph's life.

These five coloring pages would be perfect for a wide range of CCD classes, religious education at home, or just for fun.  There's one for each school day of the week if you choose to do them at home!

You can purchase all 15pages in a downloadable for $1 using the buttons below. You will get an email with a link to the coloring pages in pdf format.  Your link will expire after you've accessed the file 5 times, so please save it to your on computer if you want to use them over and over again!

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sneak peak for the Kennedy Adventures

Remember how I said I was busy working on fun projects for other sites?  One of them was to illustrate all the Rosary mysteries - luminous, joyful, sorrowful, and glorious- for Dianne at The Kennedy Adventures.

She's putting together an awesome resource for you and your little ones.  Just for fun, here's a sneak peak at a few of the illustrations I created.

Curious?  You'll have to check back for updates! I'll let you know when the finished product is available!  In the mean time for your family rosary time use My Mini Rosary Books Collection The Joyful Mysteries mini-book is free!

Thanks and God bless,

Thursday, January 15, 2015

MOPS Clip Art

I've been busy, busy, busy illustrating for other people and websites, most of which I can't share with you yet (but soon!). 
One small project I just finished is this cute clip art for our local MOPS newsletter!

I'll go ahead and admit this is an illustration of my own life and house.
Our topic is organization- home, kids, work, financial, spiritual- and everything in between. The Lord knows I always need help getting my life in order.  It seems like if one area is organized, none of the others are.  Can you relate?
If you would like this clip art for your own use, I'm offering it free, just click below and save to your own computer.

 Please do not use this for profit.  It is for personal and/or nonprofit use only.

And don't worry, I've got a few more coloring pages and Saint Mini-books in the works... :)

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Celebrating the Epiphany

The Christmas rush might be over, but Christmas is still here! I just love this season, and I love that we celebrate it all the way through the Epiphany.  The Epiphany is not too far away; it's next Tuesday, January 6th!  It is also known as the feast of the 3 Kings.  A little background (hopefully not too boring), it commemorates the manifestations of our Lord to the gentiles (the 3 kings), of his divinity made at his baptism in Jordan, and of his power shown in the miracle at the wedding in Cana.

Teach your kids about the Epiphany and celebrate this wonderful feast day using these three (Free!) coloring pages.

The first is the three kings following the star on their camels.  I know the Epiphany celebrates them actually meeting Jesus, but there are plenty of Nativity coloring pages out there that include the 3 kings.  Here's one that focuses on the three kings for a change.

Here's a coloring page to celebrate the Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River:

And last (but not least), the miracle at the Wedding at Cana:

All of these coloring pages have the title in bubble letters so your kids can color them in too! I hope you enjoy them!
Wait I'm not done yet!  I love illustrating, but I also love reading to my daughter (almost as much as she loves being read to).  So I also have a great book recommendation for this feast day.  One of my favorite books during this time of the year is The Last Straw, by Fredrick H. Thurry.  

It is the story about the journey of the 3 Kings on their way to meet baby Jesus, as told by a camel.  The story is both fun and interesting (and funny to adults), and the illustrations are wonderful.  I can't help but read this story with my dad's voice in my head as the camel- you'll understand when you read it- he has quite the personality.  It is truly a charming story of Jesus' birth that is fun but doesn't lose the respect and reverence this topic deserves.
It is $7.95 on Amazon, although I'm pretty sure I paid more for it at a book store when I got my copy.

Your kids can color in the picture as you read the story!  I'll post some pictures of the pages my daughter colors on the facebook page next week.
I pray you all have a blessed Christmas season and a wonderful Epiphany!


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Can You Find Advent and Christmas to go with The Calendar Song!

I had the pleasure of working with Brook from The Calendar Song illustrating some fun Where's Waldo style pictures.

I just love her song for remembering the liturgical seasons, and now she has two coloring pages to go with it!  Can You Find Advent and Can you Find Christmas are sure to keep your kiddos entertained as they search for the people and items and while they color.

(Pictures are watermarked for display online-  the purchased version does not have watermarks on them)

I added lots of fun details, like Mary and Joseph traveling to Bethlehem in the Advent picture, and the 3 Magi following the star in the Christmas picture.

You can find The Calendar Song here on The Calendar Song site.  The song pack includes:
  • PDF of lead sheet (chords and melody)
  • PDF of lyric sheet with guitar chords in D
  • PDF of background and suggestions for use
  • 2 MP3 downloads of the song 1. with vocals and 2.without (karaoke version)
And now, it comes with two Can You Find it pictures for Advent and Christmas! (Did I mention they have answer keys?  You'll need them!)  The pictures are included for a limited time only.

Thanks and may you have a blessed Advent and Christmas!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Free Saint Barbara Mini Book

My daughter and I love minibooks.  I hope to make more coloring pages soon, but most recently I made a minibook for Saint Barbara.  Do you know who Saint Barbara is?  I had never heard of her until I read The Advent Christmas Planner on Catholic Icing.  I even printed most of it out and put it in sheet protectors.

Then I had the pleasure of working with Lacy to create printable 3D ornaments for each of the Saints she discusses in the Advent Planner.  I just love how the Saint Barbara Ornament came out (especially after Lacy watercolored it)! There are 11 more cute saint ornaments in the downloadable.  Saint Barbara was one of my favorites!

 As I often do with saints, I fell in love with her story, and was inspired to find out more about her.  I wanted to figure out a good way to teach my daughter about her.  For my 4 year old, I typically focus on one virtue of a saint to point out and encourage her to exhibit.  Saint Barbara's faith was steadfast, even in the face of death.

This minbook tells the story of Saint Barbara being locked in a tower.  After hearing of her conversion to Christianity, her father orders her death.  As she awaits her execution, legend says, she watered a branch with a little of her drinking water everyday, and it bloomed within days of her execution.  The blossom gave her hope even as she faced death for her faith in Christ.
Another story I learned about Saint Barbara, was about her new bathhouse.  Her father ordered a new bathhouse to be built for her with only 2 windows.  He left town on business, and while he was gone, Saint Barbara changed the plans and had 3 windows built into the bathhouse to represent the Trinity.  Her father was NOT pleased when he returned, and this was the last straw.  He turned her in to the authorities, and her death was planned as punishment for her crime of being Christian.
There are not many crafts or activities out there for children to learn about Saint Barbara other than the Catholic Icing Advent ornaments, so I made a mini coloring book about her with a little poem. Print this minibook and have fun coloring and discussing Saint Barbara.
Here is a picture of a page 4 yr old, Eva colored.

For instructions on how to fold please see the video in the Rose Duchesne Minibook post.

While my daughter colored the pages, we discussed how Christianity is not always accepted by the people around you.  We are so blessed to live where we can freely pray and worship God.  I hope this minibook and the Catholic Icing Advent Saints help your family learn more about virtuous saints, grow your faith and deepen your relationship with Our Father. I pray that God Blesses you abundantly during this Advent Season!